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The Most Beautiful Vacation Spots and Where To Find Them

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Whether it’s the blue waters of Cancun or the mountains in Big Bear, we all enjoy spending time on vacation. While the average American spends an average of 3% of their annual income on vacations, not all of us take one each year. Of the people who don’t take vacations, their most common excuse is that they are trying to find the money, bad planning or work as a reason why they didn’t take one. No matter when you finally are able to save up for a vacation, the most important question that you will ask is where to go on vacation? No matter where you choose, we can all agree that a vacation should be special and relaxing. To make your decision easier, we have shown you where to find the most beautiful vacation spots in the world.


Pamakkale’s English translation is “Cotton Castle” and is located in Southern Turkey within the Denizli Providence. The picture below is of the carbonate mineral “shelves” created by water flowing over the edge.
Photo Credit: eleephotography on Flikr.

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is the 3rd largest lake in Italy and is home to many celebrities and wealth people around the world since Romain times.
lake como
photo source: Daniel Peckham on Flikr.


The Maldives Islands are located in the Indian Ocean and is the smallest  country is Asia. Maldives is known for their island resorts as pictured below.
Photo Credit: margory.june on Flikr.

 Crystalline Turquoise Lake, China

Crystalline Turquoise Lake, Jiuzhaigou National. Park, China. This is one of many lakes and ponds in Jiuzhaigou National Park that are famous for how crystal clear they are. The picture below is of Five Flowers Lake.
crystalline lake, China
Photo Credit: Chensiyuan

 Karijini NP, Western Australia

Karijini National Park is located in Western Australia and is known for its famous pools, waterfalls, flowers and wild animals.
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: Christian Fletcher. You can purchase this at

Bora Bora Hotels and Resorts -Tahiti

During WWII, Bora Bora was a U.S. Military stronghold that housed different parts of the military,  weapons and huge canons (still there today). Today, Bora Bora is a breath-taking vacation spot where tourists can stay in gorgeous resort bungalows, water sports and hiking.

bora bora four seasons
Image Credit:

 Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga, located in Odda, Norway is a large flat rock that extends out past the mountain. It is a famous tourist attraction which usually takes a full working day to hike and climb. As a bonus, on the way up,vyou will see beautiful sites such as Ringedal lake and Dam.

trolunga norway
image credit: tonibm on Flikr.


 The Gardens at Marqueyssac

Open 365 days a year, the Gardens at Marqueyssac is an extremely popular tourist destiation for people visiting the French Providence of Perigord. The gardens were originally planted in 1861 by Julian De Cerval with the mindset that they would be a attraction for people from around the world to enjoy. While you are in Marqueyssac, don’t forget to walk around their many walks around the town and castle as well as see the gardens at night for their Gorgeous candlelight display.

Image Credit: Marqueyssac


Ice Canyon – Greenland

Ice Canyon is one of the most popular and most photographed attractions in Greenland. The canyon was formed by glaciers that melted and created rivers forming the canyons. Ice Canyon is probably not the best family spot as it is mainly popular for photographers and mountain climbers because of te steep canyons.

Ice Canyon Greenland
Image Credit: National Geographic.

Skaftafeli – Iceland

Skaftafeli National Park is known for its Alps-like landscape and beautiful scenery and is Icelands second largest national park. The picture below is of the Crystal Cave of Svmnafellsjvkull in Skaftafell national park and was formed by the iceberg crashing into the shore. The Ripples in the roof are formed from compressed air from the islands volcano. What a geographic miracle!
Caves Iceland
Image Credit: ezioman on Flikr


Lake Paterswoldse Meer, Groningen, Netherlands

I’m sure that ice skating on Lake Paterswoldse is on a lot of peoples’ bucket lists. The lake freezes over and often is safe enough to skate on during the months of December – February.
ice-skating -lake paterswoldse meer
Image credit: kapturer on Flikr –


Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park hosts an average of 1.2 million visitors every year and is famous for its gorgeous blue and green cascading lakes (pictured below). The travertine cascades are formed from air, bacteria and algea and grow at a slow rate every year.
Piltvice lake
Image Credit: Minestrone on Wikipedia,_Barrier_between_Gavanovac_and_Kaluderovac.JPG

Sagano Bamboo Grove, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Located in Kyoto Japan, Sagano Bamboo Grove is used for construction and to build baskets, mats and different products. During the early morning, you can walk or bike through the grove and see the sun shining through the Bamboo and see the trees moving back and forth in the breeze.

Sagano Bamboo Grove, Arashiyama,
Image Credit dewynter on Flikr -

Rock Marble Caves of Chile

The Marble Rock Caves of Chile; Cuevas de Marmol translated in Spanish are some of the most beautiful caves of the world and are a well known tourist attraction in Chile Chico, Chile. Tourists can take boat tours through the cave and see what 6,000 years of waves crashing against the marble have done to create this beautiful sight.
marble caves of chile
image credit:


Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, BC.

Built in 1989, the Capilano Bridge was built as a tour of the Caplano River. stretching 450 feet long and over 200+ feet tall, this is one longest pedestrian only suspension bridges in the world. Nowadays, vacationers can not only go and walk the bridge but, check out the treetop amazing treetop platforms and cliffwalk that wraps around a granite precipice.
capilano bridge
image credit: kju on Flikr –

Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

Na Pali is the most northwest shore of Kauai and is made up of beautiful green tinted cliffs and crystal clear water. Most of the shore is made up of these steep cliffs and the only way to get to it is either by an 11 mile hike or by helicopter ride.
Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii
Image Credit: Howardignatius on Flikr.


Hindu Temple – Nadi, Fiji

Nadi is the center of tourism and has the largest concentration of hotels in Fiji. The Sri Siva Subramaniya temple (pictured below) is one of the largest Hindu temple in the world
Hindu Temple - Nadi, Fiji
Image Credit: heardsy on Flikr.


Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China, built by over 20 dynasties and dating back over 2,000 years is one of the worlds most amazing sites. The most beautiful time of the year to view the wall is during Autumn where you can see the gorgeous landscape in the background and tourist season is starting to die down a bit.

Great Wall of China
Image Credit: franz88 on Flikr.

 Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

Finished in May of 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long 90 feet wide and at its’ highest point is 746 feet tall.
Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco
Image Credit: joedsilva on Flikr.


Devil’s Den, Florida

Devil's Den, Florida

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